Captive Insurance Plans

Insurance Owned By the Insurers

What is Captive Insurance?

Captive Insurance exists for the primary purpose of insuring the risk of the owners, and the insureds benefit from the underwriting profits.

Risk Control and Loss Management

The purpose of an insurance company is to pay losses and afford the owner control over the risk of losses that occur. Captive insurance plans are an alternative risk transfer method that can be used.

Benefits of Captive Insurance

Tailored Coverage

A very high degree of customization is allowed in Captive insurance with increased coverage and capacity over other traditional methods.

Improved cash flow and reduced operating costs

With direct access to wholesale reinsurance markets and greater control over claims, you have the best options for reducing costs and increasing cash flow.

Limited Financial Risk

When you choose a level-funded plan with Security, your employees will take advantage of extra perks, giving them added savings and convenience.

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