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What are you paying your current Broker for…ACTIVITIES or ROI producing OUTCOMES? Unless your Broker is reducing the frequency & severity of your claims what are you paying them for?

Does your company have a non-P/L manager managing your second largest expense next to payroll? Companies MUST shift from viewing benefit spend as a variable OpEx buried in the SG&A to a manageable CapEX that produces ROI. Welcome to the Blackrock Benefits way of doing business.

Next to an organizations payroll, insurance costs, in particular, group health insurance is typically a company’s second largest expense.

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As an organization, you MUST have a long-term strategy in-place to control escalating costs. You can’t wait until you get that 20% renewal increase letter on your desk before you take action.

Now is the time to start exploring all your options: self-funded, defined contribution, Alliance plans, professional services plans (i.e. engineers, etc.).

The key to controlling cost long-term is having a knowledgeable and experienced Broker. Many cost-cutting solutions can easily integrate into your existing plan.

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