Meet Blackrock Benefits

We serve our clients as the trusted advisor to Executive Teams by showing them how to control the cost of healthcare, offer their employees better benefits, ensuring better quality of care (without asking anyone to become experts) in healthcare.

How We Started

Founded in 2009 by Bret Harding, Blackrock Benefits offers benefits consulting, outsourced benefits administration, human capital management, software delivery, and outsourced HR.

Blackrock Benefits specializes in creating alternatively funded employee benefits programs for small and mid-market businesses with adept expertise working with software and technology companies.

Working with many software and technologies companies has given us empirical experience in designing custom benefit plans that are as rich and dynamic as the company itself.

Our Specialty

In today’s business environment, competitive employee benefits are essential. They are used to recruit, retain, and develop top employees so businesses can grow. Employee benefits are also expensive and complex, and providing the right programs to the right employees can be challenging.

Blackrock Benefits arms employees with education and information, combined with the incentives to drive action and change behaviors related to how they consume healthcare. We can simultaneously remove all employee costs ($0 Deductible, $0 Copay) for all employees and reduce the monthly cost to employees while increasing the profitability for the employer by re-engineering the healthcare supply chain.

Let's Improve Your Human Capital Investment