Salary and Total Compensation

Blackrock Benefits Helps You Stay Competitive In Constantly Changing Environments

Health Insurance Recomendations

We educate business leaders on how to make better decisions on healthcare by teaching them the economics and underlying problems rooted in the foundation of a typical health insurance program.

Advise Unique Situations

Working with many software and technologies companies has given us empirical experience in designing custom benefit plans that are as rich and dynamic as the company itself.

Employee Benefits Benchmarking

Blackrock Benefits specializes in creating and analyzing your unique workplace to find the right balance between benefits and compensation.

Compensation Consulting

Blackrock Benefits works with businesses just like yours to learn what the best ways are to reward your employees accurately and effectively. We want everyone to feel like a winner here.

Everyone loves a good compensation plan.

When it comes down to it, your employees work with you in exchange for compensation. Many industries suffer from headhunting and talent management so having a great compensation structure in place prevents core talent from leaving when you need them most.

A Good Compensation Plan Could Save You Money

We help you both recognize the mistakes most commonly made in compensation and all the hidden secrets of salary negotiation. With a smart plan in place, we can help mitigate lost talent, expensive raises and rumors flying around the office.

Let's Improve Your Human Capital Investment