Benefits Administration Technology

Automate your Benefits Selection and Management


Create an automated insurance, benefits and coverage process that allows dynamic user customizability based on your HR plan.


With a benefits program in place, our HR team can help you manage a fully automatic enrollment system and ensure all employees understand available plans.


As plans and benefit packages change, we can help you ensure your automated HR system is flexible and adjustable to new changes.

Reduce Your Workload

We have helped technology companies and hybrid companies fully automate key processes in the signup, enrollment, and education stages of all sorts of insurance and benefits packages. Let’s start reducing your repetitive tasks so you can be more focused on what matters most.

Blackrock Benefits Provides Human Capital Guidance and Advice to All!

Significant efficieny boost

When HR is efficient, so are your employees in making decisions. Automating your tasks with data-proven methods can make HR a smoother experience for all.

Improved reporting and tracking

By expanding the power of information to your HR processes, you and your employees can make more informed decisions.

Reduce Your Workload

With any business, HR can be more of a hassle if you aren’t equipped for it. Using a benefits administration technology can better equip you for the future of HR.

Your Needs First

  • Don’t pay for extra fluff
  • Kow what you are getting
  • Receive only what you need.

Get a Personalized Experience

  • Qualified Representation
  • Informed Advice
  • Solid Relationships

Be an Informed Consumer

  • Know Your Options
  • Start with Real Data
  • Make Informed Decisions
  • Treat Your Employees Well

Deliver Health Insurance With Confidence

  • Understand Your Benefits
  • Set Your Limits
  • Build a Package
  • Deliver Real Benefits

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In everything from recruitment to training, HR is a constant uphill hike. Having the right setup can make the world of a difference. Reach out today.

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