Level Funded Plans

Put a cap on your costs with a Level Funding Health Plan

Self Insurance

A level-funded plan is a great option for some health employers but not all. Level funding differs from self-funding however in that an employer pays monthly premiums throughout the policy year. 


Monthly Cash Stabilization

Level-funded health plans are a hybrid of traditional fully-insured plans and self-insured plans. With a level-funded plan, you’ll contribute a set dollar amount with the employee contributions as well.

Best Situations for Level Funded Plans

Small Business

Small businesses benefit from lower costs and great benefits.

Generally healthy individuals

After the end of the year, if your total claims, costs, and expenses are less than your contribution for the year, you may be eligible to receive a refund.

Limited Financial Risk

When you choose a level-funded plan with Security, your employees will take advantage of extra perks, giving them added savings and convenience.

Level Funded Medical Plans Utah