Employee Benefits Benchmarking

The Importance of Benefit Benchmarking

Secures Executive Staff

Benchmarking ensures that your top executives are being adequately compensated compared to other companies

Measure Key Variables

Knowing what to look for starts with a good benchmark. How do you know where to go if you don’t know where you need improvement?

Save Money

Where are you wasting key resources? The best place to start looking is with a smart employee benefits benchmark.

Comprehensive Planning and Execution

Blackrock Benefits can prepare a comprehensive review of comparable companies’ executive compensation plans, and then review those plans with you to ensure your company is competitive.

Customer Reviews

Blackrock Benefits developed an affordable customized benefit plans for our real estate company.
Thanks again!

Karla Harding

I have worked with Bret Harding now for the past three years on Benefits for Security Weaver. The results speak for themselves. We have increased the level o benefits while keeping costs flat. Bret does an excellent job staying on top of employee benefits, makes my job easy when it comes to keeping up with our needs as a growing company and is a true expert in the field.

Terry HirschCEO at Security Weaver

Bret is a wonderful insurance broker to work with. He has helped us lower our rates while providing better benefits to our employees! I would happily recommend Bret as a trusted adviser when it comes to employee benefits.

Mark SchaerrerVerisys Corporation

The Blackrock Benefits Team are very knowledgeable. I started a software company and needed to offer a competitive benefits plan to my employees. Blackrock Benefits helped us bench-marked our industry and design a competitive benefits package. THANKS!

Sarah Harding

Bret, has always gone the extra mile to earn our business. He is a progressive thinking, dedicated business partner. He is able to add value to almost anything he becomes involved in. My experience with Bret has been all positive.

Rod CookProbst Electric Inc

Bret and Blackrock Benefits Team were able to lower our employee benefits costs by 28%. Our company had been on traditional fully insured medical plan with United Healthcare for years. Bret moved our company to a self-funded medical plan. The self-funded plan lowered our medical and dental costs by 28% saving us rough $40K a year. This is huge for us. Thanks, Bradley

Bradley Harlow

Blackrock Benefits saved our company over $10k per month moving us from a Select Health medical plan to a self funded medical plan. For a mid-sized company that's a lot of money.

Brad Hardy

Measure Your Companies Success.

Periodically benchmarking your company’s executive compensation and benefits is an extremely important exercise, benchmarking ensures that your top executives are being adequately compensated compared to other companies similar in nature.  

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